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Nacionalna Asocijacija Studenata Farmacije - Srbija

More serisously we have had diferent lectures
and conferences wich introduced us the pharma-
cy studies, and work in Serbia, about industry,
marketing, nutrition... Now I feel myself more
open-minded by these new knowledges, and I’m
able to compare our pharmaceutical system. Also
I admire your english my friends!
Moreover your faculty seems to be perfectly or-
ganized ( more than our faculty, please keep that
information for you)

About Beograd, we can feel that the history of
Serbia wasn’t easy, and I’m still shocked by the «
Temple », it’s such an amazing piece of architec-
I liked to run and drink close to the Sava and

I must confess, I fell in love with the Serbian food !
Tat’s what I prefered about Serbia, of course food

Beograd-Marsej and Rakija are symbols of hapiness and nightlife
in your country.
A country turned on sharing with everyone
First of all I would like to thank our foreign friends
from Beograd, who gave us the opportunity to Tanks for that experience, I hope to see you in
discover their culture, tradition, faculty, country, Marseille or Belgrade soon !
and obviously the famous Rakija.

Romain Leca
My frst feeling when I met the Serbian was that
incredible hospitality! I share dsuch an unforgetta-
ble week with my twin Djole who’s so open-hand-
ed. He took us out to the « Taverna », we tested all
the specialities! Last year he teached me the tradi-
tional Serbian dance (By the way I forgot how to
dance but it was really pleasant).

I will never forget a lot of little stories, so thank
you again my dearfriend!

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